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Services by Certified Professionals.
Open / Closings
Ensure longevity of systems.
Refinish your in ground pool.

Popular Services

  • Scheduled Service

    Scheduled Service Visits by Naqua Tech Certified Professionals.

  • Computer Aided Analysis

    Computerized Water Analysis - precise readings your pool water.

  • Renovations

    Get a FREE QUOTE for your swimming pool renovation project!

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Inspection / Detection

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Vinyl Liner Patterns

  • RokSprocket
  • Menu
  • Styling

Content Extension


Multiple layout types available: Headlines, Mosaic, Tabs, Features, Lists, & Strips.

Includes an extension administrative UI.

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Two configurable menu systems: Dropdown Menu and SplitMenu.

Dropdown Menu is CSS based.

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Choose from a selection of configurable preset style variations.

Module class suffixes are also available.

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In Ground Pools

  • Grid System +

    The layout is split into adjustable grids, in groups of 6. Read More
  • Custom Admin +

    An advanced and intuitive administrative interface. Read More
  • Features +

    A set of standard features, which are customizable. Read More
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Fibre Tech

RocketLauncher installs a replica of the demo.


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